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The Digital Marketer's Survival Toolkit – our best products to help you and your teams get through this time of uncertainty

  • Radiate: build enterprise campaigns without coding
  • Coupons: drive sales with simple and easy offer management
  • Archiver: streamline your customer care process

With discounts and flexible contract terms for customers in the retail, travel and hospitality sectors

Build enterprise campaigns without coding

Streamline your build process to get campaigns out the door in minutes instead of days. Get more done with fewer resources.

Drive sales and improve attribution

Automate the upload, allocation, and distribution of single-use coupons while tracking usage and more. All in a user-friendly web interface with enterprise-level capabilities.

Shorten call times and resolve more issues

Give your customer care team the ability to see campaigns through your customers' eyes. Reduce resolution time on marketing message inquiries from 2-5 days to just 2-5 minutes, all while significantly improving your customer satisfaction scores.

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